Our team

JADZIAK Andrzej – president, chief technologist, power engineer, a person who is not afraid of new challenges. Being constantly lost in thought, he looks for better and more effective solutions. His objective? Investor satisfaction. Privately, he is passionate about ships and … sailing. His biggest dream is to own the great Wrangler Jeep and to drive it off-road.

MAGIEŁDA Marcin – vice president, sanitation and technological installation designer. He is a person possessing extraordinary spatial imagination for who his workstation is the second home. Guided by the principle that a draft is worth more than 1,000 words, he is also a calm and composed person.

WÓJCIK Jakub – assistant designer, responsible for rapid, efficient and accurate completion of the necessary documentation. One of the few people known to us who still uses a trackball. After hours, a fan of steel darts.

GAWOR Natalia – assistant designer specializing in thermal and flow calculations. She puts great emphasis on honesty and accuracy when analyzing any problem. She is extremely committed to self-improvement and independence. As far as her motivation goes, she gets it from the possibility of acquiring necessary technical skills and experience.

APOSTOLUK Elżbieta – a human resources and accounting worker responsible for order in all the documents and timely transactions. In her personal life, she has a passion for an active lifestyle, including Nordic walking.

In addition, our company cooperates with experts in the field of construction, architecture, electrical engineering, automation, mechanical engineering, costing, geology and geodesy.

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