About Company

Termotech Sp. Z O. O. was established in May 2014 in Zielona Gora on the initiative of Andrzej Jadziak and Marcin Magiełda. The company’s history is much longer though as it goes back to the early 90s.

In 1990, a new partnership, Gajakos. was formed. Its partner was the above-mentioned Andrzej Jadziak. Initially, the company dealt with the implementation of installations and heating nodes as well as the necessary instrumentation. The company’s unprecedented and vast knowledge and its many years of experience caused Gajakos to take up designing as well. High quality services provided by the partnership made it gain popularity very quickly. Among its clients were numerous ‘gems’ such as PGNiG, KGHM and Viessmann. A large number of orders for the mining sector has resulted in Gajakos becoming one of the top qualified suppliers of products, service providers and contractors of construction and installation works for PGNiG S.A., as one of the main contractors of design services for gas pipelines and technological installations used for purification of natural gas and crude oil.

In April 2014 Gajakos was unexpectedly shut down by operation of law. The reason was the death of one of its two partners. Owing to the partnership’s huge success and its many unfinished projects, a decision was made to create a new partnership, i.e. Termotech Sp. Z O. O.

From its conception, Termotech Sp. Z O. O. has been focused on design and advisory services in almost all types of industries. A team of skilled professionals carries out projects in many industries including the following branches: architectural, construction, sanitation, electricity instrumentation, mechanical (along with strength calculations for installations) as well as infrastructural.

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65-086 Zielona Góra